This is a personal project, so, it has taken me a long time to wrap it up—clients always get priority. But I’m really excited to finally present this: the brand board and visuals for Dreaming in Another Language, my personal blog.
This blog has been around for many, many years over different platforms. This year I decided to move it all from LiveJournal, it’s last home, to hosting it myself and running it on WordPress. The website is still a construction site (pun intended!), since I was at a point where I needed the brand to proceed. So, after weeks of sneaking this project into my free time pockets, it’s done!
The keywords for this project were dreamy, feminine, personal, fun, sweet. So, do you think they come through with this brand?

I wanted to play around a bit with this brand. Since it’s for a personal blog, there really are no services or products attached to it, it’s not a commercial project at all. But I let my imagination dream around a bit, and implemented this brand to some stationary. What do you think?
Using all the three different textures from this brand. One is a silver texture, they other two are very abstract. They were created with “dreaming” in mind, so, I think they fit rather nicely.

Also, who wouldn’t want to use “Professional Dreamer” as their job title?

The tape is my favorite. I would REALLY love to own this super cute tape!

Anyone does dream journaling?

I actually don’t exactly… But I do write about some dreams in my personal blog sometimes! Just not right away.

I had so much fun with this project though! The textures are so delicate and beautiful, and the fonts so pretty, and well, since the brand is for my own project, I obviously had a lot of freedom to do with it what I wanted. That’s both a good and a bad thing, since there’s no real parameters and I have to decide when something is good enough or not. But I’m really happy with the results.

Now, to work on the website part of the project. I will obviously let you know here when that one is ready as well! But it might still be a while, I don’t have that much free time.

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