This is a project I got to work on sub-contracted by Jana Works. Kelsey wanted to create a membership site on her website, where followers could purchase a membership and receive exclusive content through it. The branding was already in place, so, and the only graphics I created for this project were the Welcome banner, the Members Area banner, and the membership banners for her shop. The bulk of the work was configuring WordPress, create a system that worked well together, and the interface design for that member’s area.

The project had a strong focus on mobile, since the main feature of the membership are the monthly workouts that Kelsey provides. In today’s world, using your phone to look for workouts is much more convenient! But the website works well on any type of device.
Once a member logged in, they were taken to the Members Area page, where they could access all the exclusive content. If they navigated anywhere on the website, a members-only box appeared in the sidebar to grant quick access to the exclusive content. The last image from the collage above is a sample of the Workout Pages. The weeks are organized in accordion-like boxes, and the content inside each week opens up when someone clicks on the week title. That is especially useful on mobile, since it would otherwise be a very, very long page to scroll.

Functionalities not pictured:

1. ActiveMember360 integration, so that users could gain access by purchasing the membership through a WooCommerce shop that was already on the website. This integration also makes sure that members-only content is not accessible to people without the right permissions.

2. A recipe plugin styled to match the website, since part of the exclusive content are nutritional recipes that Kelsey shares.

This project was not only exciting, but it also kept making me want to be more health conscious!

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