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Daily Lovejuice Instagram Graphics

Instagram Images for Daily Lovejuice

Project Completed Summer 2017 I get to spend a lot of time working for Daily Lovejuice, since it’s one of my side projects. This time, I designed square graphics specifically for Instagram (although some were also on Facebook). These images were meant to be used during the first semester of last year. Some of the…
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W2Beauty Mockup

Project Completed December 2015 As the beauty enthusiast I am, I decided to use one of my favorite beauty stores for one of my final school projects back in 2015. Although the project was a mockup and was not requested by W2 Beauty, I was so satisfied with the results that I did contact the…
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Tlaltecuhtli x Converse

This is an old project from my freshman year back in 2010. But it’s still one of my favorite projects because I love the results and would definitely wear these myself. The prompt was to create two design for Converse shoes inspired in the Tlaltecuhtli monolith. This is the first design, which is supposed to…
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Life Sciences 404 Landing Page

Illustration is not my forte. I do like it, but it doesn’t come as natural to me as fellow designer friends who actually sketch and illustrate every single day. (I do websites every single day XD.) So, when my boss at my previous office job requested a funny, caricaturesque 404 illustration, I was really worried…
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