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Links for Social Media

Links for Social Media

Social media has become a great supply of visitors and clients for bloggers and small businesses. But some platforms, like Instagram, limit the amount of links to share to only one. So, do you keep changing that one link every week based on what you are offering my followers? Do you instruct people how to find specific content starting on your main page? Well, if you are a WordPress user, you don’t have to worry about it anymore—I can set up a page for you with your links for social media.

(Click on the iPhone image to see the live example!)


  • Hosted with your website, so, you have full control of it
  • Branding automatically matches your website’s
  • Unlimited links
  • Keep track of the links through your website’s own statistics
  • Page works on all devices and dimensions
  • Only a one-time setup fee
  • 6 months support included, in case the plugins used require an update

I Want My Links for Social Media Page!

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Vacation Note I’ll unavailable between April 19th to May 8th, 2018. If you order this service between those days, I won’t be able to personally reply to you until May 9th, and may even require a few more days to set it up.

  • This website allows you to give me access to your website's admin panel without you having to show me your password. Get your own account here.
  • By default, the page will be found at unless specified below.
  • Price: $49.00
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