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Macaron Stock Photography

Macarons Stock Photography

If you joined my newsletter sometime 2017 or before, you received this stock photos on your mailbox already. But if you haven’t or you didn’t download them back then, well, you’re welcome. These photos were a lot of fun to take, even more fun to eat 😀 I love macarons! Make sure to read the…
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facebook cover image

New: Facebook Cover of the Month

We love creating pretty graphics for you to use, and thought this would be something fun that many of you can enjoy: the Facebook Cover of the Month album! We will upload a new Facebook cover every month, in the perfect ratio but double the resolution so it looks pretty and sharp on any screen.…
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Yellowstone Textures Pack

It feels like forever since the last time I designed some textures. I can’t exactly say when, but it might have been for Suppressed Feelings several years ago. Of course, you may think “but Daily Lovejuice’s header looks like a texture” or “your personal blog always has a textured background”. Yes, they do, but I…
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