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Author: Sara

W2Beauty Mockup

Project Completed December 2015 As the beauty enthusiast I am, I decided to use one of my favorite beauty stores for one of my final school projects back in 2015. Although the project was a mockup and was not requested by W2 Beauty, I was so satisfied with the results that I did contact the…
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Life Sciences Interactive Map

Project Completed Summer 2015 Possibly my favorite project during my time in Life Science’s IT was this, a touch screen to guide visitors inside our beautiful building. The building was going to be used for a big education conference, so, we needed to provide a simple way for people of all ages to find the…
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Tlaltecuhtli x Converse

This is an old project from my freshman year back in 2010. But it’s still one of my favorite projects because I love the results and would definitely wear these myself. The prompt was to create two design for Converse shoes inspired in the Tlaltecuhtli monolith. This is the first design, which is supposed to…
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Life Sciences 404 Landing Page

Illustration is not my forte. I do like it, but it doesn’t come as natural to me as fellow designer friends who actually sketch and illustrate every single day. (I do websites every single day XD.) So, when my boss at my previous office job requested a funny, caricaturesque 404 illustration, I was really worried…
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Essence of a Gift Collection Book

This little personal collections booklet was a final project for one my classes back in 2015. And even though I did like the project, it’s one of the reasons I decided to stay away from print design. The end product is very pretty, but the process and errors to get there were too stressful. Unless…
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Letting Go of Stress to Maximize Your Time Podcast

We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring an episode of Where Passion Meets Truth, a podcast by Shield Sister’s Initiative. In this episode they talked about how to maximize time and work by removing stress and negativity. Where Passion Meets Truth is a great podcast featuring real woman talking about their challenges, their…
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The Blockie – Font Story

Several years ago I had the opportunity to design a font of my choice under the supervision of a professor. I love geometry, but I have never been much into bold, bulky fonts. Yet, I decided to do something different That’s how The Blockie was born. And I was surprised by how much I ended…
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facebook cover image

New: Facebook Cover of the Month

We love creating pretty graphics for you to use, and thought this would be something fun that many of you can enjoy: the Facebook Cover of the Month album! We will upload a new Facebook cover every month, in the perfect ratio but double the resolution so it looks pretty and sharp on any screen.…
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Portfolio Galaxy Masthead

As some of you know, I’ve been working on getting my portfolio nice enough to present to prospective clients / employers. And I felt that if I didn’t have a textured background, it wouldn’t be really representing my style. So, hands to work! I am really happy with the result, I think it’s pretty. And…
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Yellowstone Textures Pack

It feels like forever since the last time I designed some textures. I can’t exactly say when, but it might have been for Suppressed Feelings several years ago. Of course, you may think “but Daily Lovejuice’s header looks like a texture” or “your personal blog always has a textured background”. Yes, they do, but I…
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