Provo, UT 84606
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Thank you so much for being here! My name is Sara and I’m a contemporary web and graphic designer. I’m based in Provo, UT, where I live with my husband and cute pup Wendy. While I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, I lived in six different countries growing up before I finally moved to the US at the age of 23 to finish my college degree. I love traveling, food, music, and books, but my absolute favorite thing to do is relax at home with comfy clothes, hot cocoa, and a good Sci-Fi show!

I have been fascinated by the internet and websites since I was a kid. At age 11, I already had my first website! It wasn’t the prettiest or most famous website, but it certainly ignited my interest in working with websites. By the time I was 15, I knew I wanted to be a web designer and started to learn everything I could to succeed at it. I taught myself HTML and CSS, which helped me get a job as a Web Designer in an IT Department while I was finishing college. While studying color theory, art history, typography, and composition for my school work, I was also learning Javascript, handling content management systems, and even customer service for my job.

Now, after all of that hard work and dedication, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Not only that, I also have seven years of experience with website creation and management as well as three years of working personally with individuals to walk them through their websites and to show them how to continue managing them. Whether you want to simply change the color of your links (a super cool feature), or you need your website completely built from scratch, I’m the girl to make your website truly and uniquely yours!