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Balance Your Life: Social Media Images

Balance Your Life: Social Media Images

Balance Your Life for YouTube

Project Completed March 2018
I realized that not a lot of my digital graphic design work is portrayed in my portfolio, so, I chose a theme and created social media graphics meant to share an article and video about balancing your life. The four different graphics are meant for different platforms, which determined what elements where needed in each graphic. Details under each of the images.

All images are stock photos from Unsplash. They where edited with one of my Christmas Lights textures from this bundle, and have a patterned overlay also designed by myself (but not yet available for purchase!). Graphics put together with Adobe Photoshop.


Social Media Graphics: Balance Your Life for Facebook
This image is meant for Facebook, and it could also be used as featured image for the blogpost. Since the image is posted on the website’s account, the description can include the address where to find the checklist; watermark or logo are not necessary.

Social Media Graphics: Balance Your Life for Instagram
Square image meant for Instagram, although it could be used for Facebook or some other image-based social media platforms. Like on Facebook, since the image is meant to be posted on the website’s account, it does not necessarily need a watermark / logo. Furthermore, people on Instagram rarely share addresses, you usually refer people to the link in your bio.

Social Media Graphics: Balance Your Life for Pinterest
Some Pinterest images have nice borders and sophisticated templates, but I kept this one very simple so it could fit the style that the rest of the images portray. Since Pinterest image get pinned and re-pinned by external sources, chances are you may lose the link and description somewhere along the way. So, I decided to include a watermark on this one with the logo and the URL in small; it doesn’t take a lot of space, but if someone wants to know where to find this list, they can.

Social Media Graphics: Balance Your Life for YouTube
Lastly, a YouTube video cover image. A lot of video covers portray as much information as they can about a video’s content, but I decided to keep this one simple for two reasons: (1) the overall style of the graphics, and (2) the theme that is supposedly conveyed in the video. Something calm and balanced. I believe that a small watermark is a good practice for YouTube videos, so, I included it here in the cover as well.