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New: Facebook Cover of the Month

New: Facebook Cover of the Month

facebook cover image

We love creating pretty graphics for you to use, and thought this would be something fun that many of you can enjoy: the Facebook Cover of the Month album!

We will upload a new Facebook cover every month, in the perfect ratio but double the resolution so it looks pretty and sharp on any screen. The album will keep all the covers we upload, so, in a few months, you will have multiple beautiful options.

This month’s Facebook Cover

Say hello to the cover for June. This pretty graphic was created by mixing a water texture, a Christmas lights texture, and playing with some fun colors. You’ve got light bubbles and real bubbles! What do you think? It makes me think of a fun summer evening: warm colors, lots of motion, sweet fun.

I love this so much—I want it on my phone!

Glad to hear that! And why yes, I have good new for you: If you visit our stories on Instagram during this month, you will be able to download this texture as a smartphone wallpaper. I will upload it multiple time throughout the month, so, if you can’t find it on the first try, check in a few days again. Stay tuned!