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Yellowstone Textures Pack

Yellowstone Textures Pack

It feels like forever since the last time I designed some textures. I can’t exactly say when, but it might have been for Suppressed Feelings several years ago. Of course, you may think “but Daily Lovejuice’s header looks like a texture” or “your personal blog always has a textured background”. Yes, they do, but I have created them based on textures I already had from back in the day. And even though they still work pretty well, I seem to have the same light streaks on all the recent textures I’ve worked on lately! It was definitely time for new ones.

So, I first started selecting my resources. I chose 3 images from my trip to Yellowstone last year. I played with them in Photoshop to create a rather unrecognizable texture out of each of them.

These textures were then used for the creation of my portfolio’s masthead. Click here to learn more about the Portfolio Galaxy Masthead.



Content 6 Textures
Dimensions 2976 x 1984

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