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Portfolio Galaxy Masthead

Portfolio Galaxy Masthead

As some of you know, I’ve been working on getting my portfolio nice enough to present to prospective clients / employers. And I felt that if I didn’t have a textured background, it wouldn’t be really representing my style. So, hands to work!

I am really happy with the result, I think it’s pretty. And the best part about my textures is, they have stories. Most people don’t know them, they just randomly stumble upon them, think they look nice, download them and use them. They have no idea there’s more to it. But hey, that’s why I’m writing about it.

I first started selecting my resources. I chose 3 images from my trip to Yellowstone last year. I played with them in Photoshop to create a rather unrecognizable texture out of each of them. Then, I used those newly created textures, overlayed each one over the others, tweaked colors, light, saturated, and came up with something pretty neat. To top it off, I found a beautiful, galactic NASA image to help me make it a bit more interstellar. In case you didn’t know, most of the images you find in NASA galleries are copyright free, so, that came in really handy.


Textures from the Yellowstone Textures Pack 1
Galaxy image from NASA


See the work live on my portfolio, like the project on Behance, or visit it on DeviantArt: