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Wanted: A Palette for Right and Wrong

Wanted: A Palette for Right and Wrong

Wanted: A Palette for Right and Wrong

I was working on a job the other day that consisted of a multiple choice quiz with four choices, only one correct. All four buttons were gray, with a blue overlay when hovered. But once you clicked on one, it either turned red or green, depending on whether it was the wrong or correct answer. When I was working on the structure of the quiz, I just went with default green and default red as my colors.

CSS Default Red CSS Default Green

Can you also feel the shocking colors? They sure are bold enough to tell someone if they got the answer right or wrong, but I feel they’re a bit overwhelming. And I’m not the only one, since once we finished on the main structure of the quiz and started polishing the design, it was one of the things my boss wanted changed as well. And I needed not only a nice shade of red or a nice shade of green, I needed to shades that balanced each other, looked elegant, and could possibly contradict a person in a clear, but beautiful way.

So, I started googling for a wrong and right palette.

I was surprised by the lack of information on it! I thought I would find endless articles on palettes to use for validation, quizzes, or some other situations where you need right and wrong / red and green. The only thing I found useful was an article from a few years ago on Forbidden Color Combinations. Here, the showed how some color mixes that are not recommended can actually give some pretty palettes. (Of course, most of those must be a pain for color blind people, but that’s something I will probably talk about some other day.) I found an answer to my need in this pretty palette called rosace.

And more specific, these shades.

#B8242D Her Cheeks Flushed #3B6039 We Had Joy

I think the combination is beautiful, and it looked great on the job we needed. Besides, wouldn’t it be great for Christmas as well?


Has anyone faced this problem before as well? What shades did you end up using?